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Southgate Consulting, established in 1999 by David Southgate is renowned for the delivery of recruitment solutions to the Automotive Industry, both within the UK and internationally. Our business consistently offers discerning shortlists of high quality candidates to our clients, via our detailed research and expert knowledge. We are passionate about our work and this is endorsed by the recommendations we receive from clients and candidates alike.

We invest our time, research and considerable expertise in understanding the culture and specific recruitment needs of a diverse range of clientele. In a market which is becoming increasingly populated with generic recruitment specialists, we are proud to say that our Automotive Industry understanding is exemplary. As a result we represent some of the most desirable brands in the Industry and pride ourselves in completing challenging and complicated assignments within the UK and around the world.

Predominantly recruiting at Senior Management and Director level, Southgate Consulting has the capability and track record of delivering recruitment services across a range of functions internationally. Additionally, we have a loyal customer base stretching over the period Southgate Consulting has been established. So, if you are looking to fill a vacancy or need advice on your next career move, we can assist.

Executive Search

Executive Search

The Southgate Consulting Executive Search process is extremely focussed and accurate in researching, confidentially approaching and reviewing the exact candidate fit for the brief. Detailed, selective and rigorous in ensuring only a shortlist of the highest calibre is presented to a Client, we will only accept the highest calibre profiles for our Executive Search programmes.

Network Selection

Network Selection

At Southgate Consulting we will only accept CV applications from candidates that display the correct balance of stability and career progression in their profiles to date. Our Network Selection service will, therefore, only shortlist the very best applicants currently available to clients, offering a quick and accurate solution to vacancy fulfilment.

Career Development

Career Development

We take Career Development as a fundamental aspect of ensuring the opportunities we recommend to candidates are progressive for them. If this does not match expectations, then we will be honest and open in our view as to whether it is wise to progress through an interview process or not.

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managing your interview presentation


Having just come through the preparation and support of a number of candidates who have had to present formal presentations, it is really interesting to see how different characters prepare for this vital meeting.  So here are some vital tips to ensure you "wow" the audience!  Don't fail at this point in the interview process through a lack of interest or effort.


  • Have you carried out the necessary research in the role and the presentation requirements?  Don't try and busk it on the day - attention to detail is critical.  Check any technical or financial detail if the presentation is asking you to assess this kind of information, but not too many slides!
  • Prepare and memorise your presentation, so it appears relaxed and confident in delivery.  Are you engagning all the interviewers in your subsequent questions and answer session?  don't read the bullets - look at the audience all the time.
  • Timing is crucial.  A 15 minute presentation means 12 to 14 minutes of impactful, energetic and absorbing delivery.  Always leave the interviewers wanting to ask questions, rather than looking at their watches for the end of a "death by PowerPoint" experience!
  • Enjoy it! Remember, a positive impression is made by your style and confidence, and if you show that you are able to speak and influence positively in front of a group, this is a very important element of the process.
  • Make sure you leave a hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation - enough copies for each interviewer, even if you have previously emailed it over prior to the meeting.
  • Close confidently, be engaging and interested in the company, products, people and culture, ensuring that you will be a strong hire and positive investment for them in the future.


Good Luck!!


Registering with Southgate Consulting


As all our work is now conducted on a selective Executive Search basis, postions are not openly advertised.  Please, therefore, email your CV to us, if you are contemplating a career move, and we would be delighted to offer a recruitment service which is consultative and totally confidental in its approach.  Please do connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter too!

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We are a small team who are always happy to respond to your requirements.

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