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Southgate Consulting, established in 1999 by David Southgate is renowned for the delivery of recruitment solutions to the Automotive Industry, both within the UK and internationally. Our business consistently offers discerning shortlists of high quality candidates to our clients, via our detailed research and expert knowledge. We are passionate about our work and this is endorsed by the recommendations we receive from clients and candidates alike.

We invest our time, research and considerable expertise in understanding the culture and specific recruitment needs of a diverse range of clientele. In a market which is becoming increasingly populated with generic recruitment specialists, we are proud to say that our Automotive Industry understanding is exemplary. As a result we represent some of the most desirable brands in the Industry and pride ourselves in completing challenging and complicated assignments within the UK and around the world.

Predominantly recruiting at Senior Management and Director level, Southgate Consulting has the capability and track record of delivering recruitment services across a range of functions internationally. Additionally, we have a loyal customer base stretching over the period Southgate Consulting has been established. So, if you are looking to fill a vacancy or need advice on your next career move, we can assist.

Executive Search

Executive Search

The Southgate Consulting Executive Search process is extremely focussed and accurate in researching, confidentially approaching and reviewing the exact candidate fit for the brief. Detailed, selective and rigorous in ensuring only a shortlist of the highest calibre is presented to a Client, we will only accept the highest calibre profiles for our Executive Search programmes.

Network Selection

Network Selection

At Southgate Consulting we will only accept CV applications from candidates that display the correct balance of stability and career progression in their profiles to date. Our Network Selection service will, therefore, only shortlist the very best applicants currently available to clients, offering a quick and accurate solution to vacancy fulfilment.

Career Development

Career Development

We take Career Development as a fundamental aspect of ensuring the opportunities we recommend to candidates are progressive for them. If this does not match expectations, then we will be honest and open in our view as to whether it is wise to progress through an interview process or not.

What's New?

how long might it take to complete the interview process?

This is a question being regulary asked, so I thought I would help to try and establish a reasonable time line for a proper search process to yield results.  Here are my thoughts based upon what we have experienced in senior level search assignments at £80K to £250K salary levels during 2016.


Quite understandably everyone would like a vacancy completed in the shortest time scale from initial instruction, and our rule of thumb from a standing start is to complete and deliver an Executive Search assignment shortlist to the HR Director in four weeks.  After this has been sent to the Client, a typical timescale might be;


  1. Client to review CVs and plan initial interviews - one week.
  2. Review of first interview and planning next interview/presentation - one week.
  3. Final interview and job offer - one week.
  4. Negotiations on salary and benefits, written job offer to be delivered to the successful applicant - one week.
  5. Candidate resignation and negotiation of start date - typically three months (if the applicant is in employment at senior management level).


So if we add this up, from the Executive Search Consultant taking an initial brief to a candiate starting a new position could reasonably take five months or longer.  However, don't worry if this sounds like an unmanagable timescale.  In 2016 our fastest placement has been two weeks from instruction and our slowest, for a senior level overseas assignment, 13 months!


In conclusion, be realistic about the time it takes to complete a robust selection and interview process properly.  Good luck with your search and participation in the selective process, which should ensure a satisfactory fit for both employee and employer long term.


Registering with Southgate Consulting

As all our work is now conducted on a selective Executive Search basis, postions are not openly advertised. Please, therefore, email your CV to us, if you are contemplating a career move, and we would be delighted to offer a recruitment service which is consultative and totally confidental in its approach. Please do connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter too!

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We are a small team who are always happy to respond to your requirements.

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