Motorcycle Manufacturer benefits from Southgate Consulting, during a challenging brief

The positive challenge to recruit a Senior Retail Development Manager into a European HQ in the Netherlands, tested Southgate Consulting’s ability to search on a pan-European basis and to quickly submit a strong second shortlist.

Securing a preferred candidate for this role within a tight timescale was essential, complementing the previous success we had had in securing the Digital Marketing Officer for this Client. The selected candidate would have to be able to cover the whole of Europe, meaning that a relevant location and travel flexibility, would play a part in the selection of any suitably qualified candidate being shortlisted.

A strong relationship had already been established with the senior management team, so Southgate Consulting already had a strong grasp of the geographical factors, culture within their Head Office and correct skill base for the company. Throughout the process we worked closely with the Client on what was mutually agreed an exacting brief, with regular updates on the candidate identification and search process. 

Negotiation and confidentiality

After all interviews had been completed, the Client received a comprehensive summary on each candidate’s suitability, including skills, strengths and limitations for the role in question, to accompany CVs. Once the shortlist had been compiled and candidate interviews commenced and completed (ensuring shortlisted candidates were scheduled and accommodated around other work commitments or geographical limitations), two preferred candidates were identified. Interestingly, for differing reasons, the two initial preferred individuals withdrew from the process. Quickly and unperturbed, Southgate Consulting then identified and secured interest on a further two strong candidates, moving through the interview process to job offer swiftly, with comprehensive assessments being conducted. This prompt and precise action led to an accepted offer without further delay. Additionally, the regretted candidate was given comprehensive feedback and the opportunity to talk through reasons for not quite reaching the final offer stage, including how they could strengthen their profile for subsequent interviews.

At each stage of the process, the Client was very positive regarding the quality of candidates shortlisted to them, and the final outcome.


The above article is based on candidate placement for a leading superbike Manufacturer and Importer across Europe. The candidate is enjoying the challenges and rewards in the role and is looking forward to growing with his new employer over the next few years.

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