Southgate Consulting’s Outplacement Consultancy Service is built to help employers with any redundancy support that might be required. We have the knowledge, sensitivity and flexibility to ensure your employees have personal and pro-active support in preparing themselves to handle redundancy positively.

Via our consultation, your employees will benefit from our considerable professional expertise and full support. Due to the current need for social distancing, our interactions can include both remote or direct contact, with all the necessary Health and Safety measures in place. We will encourage individuals to manage the current job market with realism, enthusiasm and optimism.

  • A personal or video conference call meeting. All face to face meetings for the foreseeable future will take place at our Ardington office.
  • A full discussion of your career and achievements to date.
  • Coaching on how to approach the current employment market.
  • Curriculum Vitae review, reformatting and re-writing, as necessary in a relevant and current style; providing guidance on tailoring the CV to each opportunity.
  • LinkedIn, Social Media and Search techniques, demonstrating how to successfully “network” to find work, maximising contacts and keeping profiles active.
  • Preparation for Assessment Centres, Psychometric Tests and Competency based interview questions, both face to face and online.
  • On-line interview advice across a range of technologies (Microsoft Teams, FaceTime & Zoom).
  • How best to navigate from first interview through to job offer and the negotiation of terms.
  • Ongoing telephone support, with Southgate Consulting team members.

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