We are often asked what the Automotive Industry recruitment market is like currently. Is it Client or Candidate driven? 2024 is proving to be an interesting example of perception vs reality. Yes, there may be a feeling that more candidates are seeking alternative employment at all levels, and it is easy to engage on social media with a high volume of applicants. But the reality of finding the perfect individual at the right level, in the right location, with the right skill set and enthusiasm to join your company at the right time can still be challenging.

At Southgate Consulting, we believe the most effective and successful approach in filling senior management and Director level roles, should demonstrate a mutually beneficial Candidate and Client experiences throughout all the recruitment stages. That’s why we work tirelessly to achieve the following;

  • Exhaustive yet selective approaches based on a thorough understanding of Client requirements.
  • Identification of a manageable and select number of potential candidates at shortlist.
  • Consultative guidance for both Clients and Candidates through to job offer, based on our vast industry knowledge and experience.
  • Understanding the real importance of recruitment etiquette and communication throughout.
  • Ensuring both Client and Candidate aspirations are fulfilled equally.

Good candidates will join good companies with good reputations and culture, and their evaluation of this starts at the beginning of any recruitment process.

This week we are facilitating  interviews for a critical Managing Director appointment in a very well established business, in the North of England.

After a detailed search, client pre-interview preparation, discussion and assessment of applicant cultural fit and skills match, the three individuals who have made it to first client interview stage have matched all the relevant criteria. Careful first interview planning will ensure both client and candidate are able to participate on a meaningful and equal basis.

At Southgate Consulting we offer comprehensive support and communication through the whole Executive Search process, for both candidate and client before, during and after the hire.

Please feel free to reach out to David or Callum Southgate if you require assistance with your senior appointment and we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Southgate Consulting is proud to be a recognised and respected supporting recruitment service within the Automotive sector, offering a straightforward, consultative and approachable Search and Selection products to clients, whilst simultaneously understanding and supporting candidates with career advice.

Whilst the industry is experiencing substantial change and transition, the positive approach and determination to succeed evident in our communication with individuals, be it within Manufacturer/Importer, Retail or Tier One Suppliers to the sector is unquestionable. So why not contact us if you need to discuss your recruitment requirements and we would be delighted to offer our advice, integrity and confidentiality in finding positive people who make a real difference to your management team.

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Southgate Consulting is celebrating its 25th work anniversary! In January 1999 David found himself sat on the floor with a notebook, pen and a telephone writing an outline business plan, but with a clear vision on how to work. With a fantastic support network of family, future clients and candidates and a passion to offer the Automotive sector a recruitment service and consultative approach on a truly personal basis, Southgate Consulting was born. Our values are still the same today, helping, advising and listening to both candidates and clients when it comes to best practice recruitment and career planning.

We would both like to thank to all client and candidates for your support over this time, we are nothing without your loyalty, support and business, and we welcome the next twenty-five years with its changes and challenges working alongside the Automotive Industry!

I was lucky enough to be invited out by BMW Park Lane on Saturday to experience some of their new product, which involved breakfast at The Grove and meeting a small group of great people.

Then jumping in the fantastic i4 and driving over to Holland & Holland shooting ground. Pleased to say I hit my fair share of clay before I got to enjoy driving the X7 back to The Grove for a lovely lunch.

A great day and can’t thank Chris Learmonth enough for the invite and Martin DunnDuncan BallochSophie McGonigleLily Fairhall and Lale Wilson for putting on a great day.

Got my well used “all seasons” bike out today, for the home to office commute. 20 year old tech, simple to maintain, 100% reliable, low depreciation and maintenance! Just great to balance car and bike use to keep emissions and travel costs low 🙂. #zeroemissions #carbonfootprint #commuterlife #mobilitysolutions

This report in Automotive Management conducted by www.ben.org.uk is certainly concerning. We are finding the vast majority of candidates contacting Southgate Consulting seeking career moves, at all levels from Director/Board level downwards, are unequivocally seeking improved understanding of employer attitude toward employee well being and mental health awareness.

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Source: https://www.am-online.com/news/people-news/2023/04/12/two-thirds-of-automotive-staff-affected-by-stress-says-ben