Prepare for that important interview

There is no doubt that first impressions are vitally important, but communication and conduct throughout the first meeting will be much more positive if you have done preparation well.  So research, research, research and follow these points to ensure a second meeting is forthcoming;

10 point check list for your initial interview

  • Presentation and preparation is critical before you go into your meeting.
  • Research is easy to do online and offline.  How much have you done?
  • Do not be either nervous or over confident on first contact with your interviewer.
  • Does the interviewer want you to lead or follow in these discussions?
  • Answer competency based questions factually and succinctly.
  • Are you an expert in the interviewer’s eyes, but not overqualified?
  • Is your perceived cultural fit correct with the company you are applying to?
  • How can you add value to this business?
  • Are you seeing yourself through the interviewer’s eyes as well as your own?
  • Does the interviewer know you are definitely interested in the role on departure?