This report in Automotive Management conducted by is certainly concerning. We are finding the vast majority of candidates contacting Southgate Consulting seeking career moves, at all levels from Director/Board level downwards, are unequivocally seeking improved understanding of employer attitude toward employee well being and mental health awareness.

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Apparently, it is #nationalpetday, so what better time to show Southgate Consulting’s two part-time employees that drop in whenever they feel. Although their output when in the office is minimal as you can see, we wouldn’t have them any other way!

The latest edition of Autovia‘s Auto Express states that nearly 20% of local roads in England & Wales will be virtually undriveable within five years. Seems that owning an SUV or 4×4 may become essential for some buyers in rural areas? #carbuying #potholes #roadsafety #ruralcommunities #roadmaintenance


Nothing better than starting the day with a dry, frosty 06.00 dog walk to clear the mind and plan the day ahead with our golden retriever & brown labrador! #mentalhealth #fitnesslifestyle #worklifebalance

Five leading factors which can influence candidate acceptance of a job, even with ever increasing costs of living, are as follows;

✔️Candidate contact & experience throughout the whole recruitment process.
✔️Flexibility toward hybrid working and work life balance.
✔️Potential for personal development and progression.
✔️Robust trading history and demonstrable evidence of high employee satisfaction.
✔️Businesses that actively fight burnout and champion employee well being.

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The first week of the year has already started with enquiry levels and assignment activity at Southgate Consulting ahead of expectation. The recruitment market for automotive appointments looks buoyant, with what would appear to be a real requirement to find high calibre candidates via direct contact and approach rather than on-line advertisements.

So let us introduce and discuss the variety of services we are able to offer, if you are struggling to fill senior management positions in your business.David & Callum Southgate are available for consultation and advice anytime.

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Back in the office today after a fantastic few days holiday in France and a very important family wedding! Callum Southgate and Phoebe Southgate were “officially” married at Le Moulin de Chazotte, Chevres-Richemont in the Cognac Region. After two years delay due to pandemic, it was a fantastic occasion. Thank you, family, friends (and understanding Clients/Candidates!) for your massive support.