The best way to end a job interview

Great advice from #LizRyan – LinkedIn Contributor;

“The best way to end a job interview is to get up and go. Don’t linger, your time is valuable. You are just as happy to leave as you were to arrive. The interview is over and you have other important places to be.

The most successful job candidates are the ones who don’t need to beg for the job. They show up, have a conversation, talk about the opportunity (more than they talk about themselves) and ask the questions they need to ask.

They don’t communicate the message that they desperately need this job. Managers hire people they have confidence in. When you convey confidence in yourself, other people feel it too.

The best way to leave a job interview is to rise from your chair, extend your hand for a quick shake and say, “Great conversation — it was wonderful to meet you.”

Don’t ask them how long it will take them to get back to you, or when they expect to make a decision”.