Managing A Career Change During A Period Of Uncertainty

Moving, or planning to move you career forward during an economic and political period of uncertainty can require a completely different approach than during buoyant economic times. So here are five tips to keep in mind;

  • Ask yourself why a potential employer should hire you in a market which is trying to avoid additional headcount costs.
  • Ensure you communicate the added value you are able to bring to an organisation which would benefit the people around you.
  • Before the first interview, think about skills or competencies that might be beneficial to your new employer which are unique to your profile and state these clearly.
  • Plan for the future – research where this company is going in the next two to five years and how you can help with this journey.    
  • Recruitment decision making processes may be extended due to circumstances outside your control. Ensure this is the role you really want, now or in six months time plus, and be prepared to wait for the right job.