Are you considering resigning if you are unhappy at work?

At some point in all of our lives, we have found ourselves in a career position that, for whatever reason, is not exactly as it may have been described at interview, so how do you best manage this situation? You may be thinking one or all of the following, so here are five points to consider and some fundamental ideas on how to resolve these issues;

  • Will the role improve within a normal settling in period?
  • Have I had adequate training to work efficiently and effectively?
  • Is the culture of the business open to supporting and ensuring that I succeed in my new role?
  • Am I able to easily rectify any of the issues yourself or with the help of someone else?
  • Or am I just going to have to put up and do the best job I can?

Most of the answers to the above questions lie in understanding the culture of the business you have joined, and who to relate to in the organisation to rectify these areas of uncertainty. Always balance your instinct with giving your employer the benefit of hearing your side of the story, and trying to come up with workable, financially viable solutions. Find out who would best help you, look to improve your understanding of the market and challenges the business you work in faces, and don’t give up but balance this with realism and realistic actions which are calm, measured and achievable for both parties.

However, if you are met with immovable obstacles, lack of clear communication and intransigence then you may begin to look elsewhere. We would always advise to have a safe landing point within a company, before deciding to leave the safety or a role, and ensure that when a new position does present itself, you have researched the business enough to ensure these issues would not be repeated.