Target & Selection – a new candidate identification process

With the current employment market awash with available candidates we quite understand why companies have shied away from using Executive Search and Selection specialists and are directly advertising for candidates.

However, our research has shown that in general, online advertising is not precisely reaching the talent that is required. Are you receiving too many applicants to properly assess, or maybe too few? Do they have the right level of expertise? Are they geographically relevant? Is their cultural fit correct?

If you are experiencing these problems with your recruitment, why not think about a quick, efficient, highly targeted and selective process (which presents a cost saving against a full Executive Search fee) to deliver a targeted and screened shortlist back to your HR or Recruitment Team for them to select from. Our service includes the following:


  • Approach, identification and pre-qualification of highly suitable candidates for your vacancy.
  • Accurate selection of a manageable number of shortlist candidates who fulfil all essential criteria for the vacancy in question.
  • Collation of all relevant material at the “front end” of the process.
  • Approval from suitable and interested candidates to present their details.
  • Quick, accurate and manageable – from brief to delivery of identified, interested and suitable candidates, 12–15 days.


  • Confidential – employees and business competition cannot see your recruitment activity.
  • Take advantage of using Southgate Consulting’s ability to gain quick and accurate responses to direct approaches with our reputation in the Executive Search space.
  • Release time and resource within your HR or Recruitment departments at peak periods to concentrate on other urgent recruitment activity.
  • We work seamlessly with you to hand back the shortlist for your own in-house interview and completion process.
  • Fixed agreed fee structure, a saving against the cost of a full recruitment fee.

If this could be relevant for your business, please do contact either David Southgate 07778 159555 or Callum Southgate 07896 301131 at Southgate Consulting for further information.

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