Should I change my job right now?

We often get asked whether now is a good time is to change jobs, and it’s a difficult one to say yes or no either way as currently there are a lot of factors that affect this decision, some which can be controlled by you some that can’t. Here are four reasons why you should carefully consider whether now is the right time to contemplate changing your job;

  • Change within the global automotive sector is creating considerable pressure on businesses, however, this will also create tremendous opportunities in the near future.
  • Some of the many new vehicle brands entering into the UK market may not survive, it’s difficult to find out who are likely to be the winners and losers, but careful research can give you more of an insight.
  • Moving from a job with established security and longevity of employment could be risky, but the excitement and intensity of fast progression with a new business could be what you are currently seeking.
  • Online applications are impersonal and sterile and it’s clear to see how many candidates have applied, but don’t be intimidated by volume, concentrate on accuracy and relevance of your application

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