Pounds or Progression?

Interesting times in Automotive Executive Search at the moment, with potential interest rate rises, Brexit and continuing debate around emissions and vehicle taxation leading to less senior level opportunities, and very exact briefs from respected clients. So why should you leave your safe, current position, if you are approached by a professional “headhunter”?

Well, the top answer has always been career development followed closely by business culture and recognition. But recently on approaching senior level executives, salary and benefits have come to the fore. Pre-negotiating before interview attendance is a definite negative for a potential employer. Far better, if you believe the move is exactly what you are looking for, to build client desire through discussion and informal/formal interview.

Companies are only wanting to hire the very best solutions for their senior management vacancies at present, and it is much easier to negotiate a suitable package at the end of the process, rather than at the beginning. So polish up your personality and persuasiveness skills to ensure a “win-win” situation is achieved. The more you put in, the more you will receive, without question.

Good luck with your salary negotiations and career decisions, but not necessarily in that order!