Time to re-visit your CV and get some advice?

As we face unprecedented times and commercial uncertainty in the months ahead, maybe this is a good time to get your CV up to date and ready for use. Why not spend a few moments on writing a new CV and having it ready for that exceptional opportunity?

Remember the best documents use this format;

  • A brief profile outlining your USPs and skills.
  • Your career history should bullet point “responsibilities” and “achievements” against recent roles.
  • Don’t use industry jargon. Keep it simple and informative.
  • Read it carefully, and check for spacing, layout and spelling.
  • Add your home (not work) email, mobile number and LinkedIn hyperlink, if applicable.
  • Once completed, it should take no more than 45 seconds to read.

When you have completed the first draft why not send it to us for review david@southgateconsulting.com?

Keep safe, sane and happy!