Applying online – 5 tips to help get a response

Has hiring etiquette all but now disappeared with online advertisements being posted, sometimes multiple times for vacancies? The majority of candidates we speak with, up to CEO level, never receive any response at all when applying direct, which is surely damaging to both large and small company reputations.

So here are five tips for when you are applying for your next role to try and elicit a positive response;

  • Your CV and LinkedIn profile are critical in the selection process so make sure they are synonymous with each other and up to date.
  • Use the same phrases and language on your CV as in the “must haves” listed in the Job Description.
  • Keep your application as short as possible and simplistic.
  • You don’t know who will be doing the initial screening, so don’t use jargon or colloquialisms in your application.
  • If you don’t have a response, use your LinkedIn first connection contacts in the hiring company to seek information.

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