Interview Process

We are often asked what the Automotive Industry recruitment market is like currently. Is it Client or Candidate driven? 2024 is proving to be an interesting example of perception vs reality. Yes, there may be a feeling that more candidates are seeking alternative employment at all levels, and it is easy to engage on social media with a high volume of applicants. But the reality of finding the perfect individual at the right level, in the right location, with the right skill set and enthusiasm to join your company at the right time can still be challenging.

At Southgate Consulting, we believe the most effective and successful approach in filling senior management and Director level roles, should demonstrate a mutually beneficial Candidate and Client experiences throughout all the recruitment stages. That’s why we work tirelessly to achieve the following;

  • Exhaustive yet selective approaches based on a thorough understanding of Client requirements.
  • Identification of a manageable and select number of potential candidates at shortlist.
  • Consultative guidance for both Clients and Candidates through to job offer, based on our vast industry knowledge and experience.
  • Understanding the real importance of recruitment etiquette and communication throughout.
  • Ensuring both Client and Candidate aspirations are fulfilled equally.

Good candidates will join good companies with good reputations and culture, and their evaluation of this starts at the beginning of any recruitment process.