• Try to pre-negotiate your salary and benefits package.
  • Over emphasise how good you are.
  • Criticise your current employer.
  • Attend without any preparation or research.
  • State that you are very happy where you are and don’t need to move.

Remember – all you need to do is get a second interview at this stage – not the job itself.  Good luck with the meetings!

This article is a sobering read for us and future generations. Whilst WLTP and emissions concerns have created havoc in immediate results for September sales, we can take pride in the UK and the automotive industry taking the lead in the immediate and on-going development of low emission, electric and alternative fuel vehicles whilst other countries trail behind…

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“The team at Southgate Consulting was fantastic in assisting with my job search. Early on I could clearly see their passion to put candidates in the right roles, whilst providing support, guidance and regular communication throughout the process. The team’s knowledge and connections within the Automotive Industry made the search for a new opportunity quick and seamless. I would highly recommend Southgate Consulting to anyone looking to move roles within the Automotive Industry!”


Interesting times in Automotive Executive Search at the moment, with potential interest rate rises, Brexit and continuing debate around emissions and vehicle taxation leading to less senior level opportunities, and very exact briefs from respected clients. So why should you leave your safe, current position, if you are approached by a professional “headhunter”?

Well, the top answer has always been career development followed closely by business culture and recognition. But recently on approaching senior level executives, salary and benefits have come to the fore. Pre-negotiating before interview attendance is a definite negative for a potential employer. Far better, if you believe the move is exactly what you are looking for, to build client desire through discussion and informal/formal interview.

Companies are only wanting to hire the very best solutions for their senior management vacancies at present, and it is much easier to negotiate a suitable package at the end of the process, rather than at the beginning. So polish up your personality and persuasiveness skills to ensure a “win-win” situation is achieved. The more you put in, the more you will receive, without question.

Good luck with your salary negotiations and career decisions, but not necessarily in that order!


Another fantastic weekend spent at Goodwood Festival of Speed, watching some spectacular racing, enjoying each brand’s stand and getting a sneak peek at what’s coming over the next 18 months.

Walking around and getting up close and personal with all vehicles taking part throughout the day in the Assembly Area with classics through to future models, it’s easy to see why people view the Festival of Speed as the unofficial UK motor show. Made all the better with the constant rumbling (or not in the electric cars case)!, coming from the track and seeing some stunning vehicles take on the hill climb.

For me, seeing the Polestar 1 take on the course and seeing it in the flesh, was a personal highlight.  Then also walking round the side of the house to a lawn full of classics followed by First Glance Paddock and seeing what else is in store was a great juxtaposition of where we have come from and where we are going.

Southgate Consulting is delighted to be working with Kawasaki Motors Europe NV (KME) to select a Marketing Communications Manager for their European HQ close by Amsterdam. Combining your motorcycle passion with your professional skills in Marketing Communications, we are seeking an English speaking graduate calibre candidate who would be based in the Netherlands (or happy to relocate to the region).
KME offers a Head Office culture which is market-driven, welcoming and willing to support new employees into their team, offering the chance to influence and create change in the business.
The Marketing Communications Manager will be responsible for designing multi-channel campaigns for the European Market (35 Countries), being the guardian for the Kawasaki Brand, monitoring consumer trends and advising on strategic and tactical campaigns is central to the remit.
Please call Callum or David Southgate personally on 00 44 1235 863525, or email us search@southgateconsulting.com if you would like to receive a full job description to learn more about this exciting career opportunity.


Southgate Consulting was recently invited by Volvo Cars UK to join them on the Volvo Pavilion at the Volvo Ocean Race. To see the start of leg 10 set out from Cardiff, which was a truly enjoyable and informative day.

Starting the day as relative sailing rookies, the information and experience centre provided by the Volvo pavilion staff was enough to get up to speed and understand what the teams go through in their 9 month journey from Alicante to The Hague. Being able to see boats up close as we joined them out on a RIB for the start was fascinating.

A fantastic day that has got us hooked for the final two legs! A big thank you to Volvo Cars UK, and especially to David Baddeley & Chris Eady!

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